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Short Codes

Short Codes

Short code services are a form of communication technology that utilizes abbreviated phone numbers, to enable businesses, organizations, and individuals to send and receive concise text messages. At MNC Consulting our shortcodes offer a quick and convenient way for users to interact with a brand or service by simply sending or receiving brief messages. They are often employed for promotions, surveys, and transactional notifications, providing a streamlined and efficient means of communication. Due to their ease of use and widespread accessibility, short code services have become a popular tool for organizations looking to engage with their audience in a direct and immediate manner.

Different Short Code

Our shortcodes are differentiated as

The above shortcode categories are further divided into two as below:

Shared Shortcodes

These codes are the property of PRS Company, which offers SMS solutions and leases them to other companies or individuals. While being more affordable and less intricate than dedicated short codes, they serve various purposes such as SMS marketing campaigns and delivering information to clients upon request. Despite being a cost-free service for companies, customers requesting information may incur a premium charge, which is then shared between the company and MNC Consulting. As a direct response medium, shortcodes simplify the process of sending SMS messages by allowing users to dial a four-digit code. Their simplicity in both memory and typing makes it more likely for users to engage with the campaign.

Dedicated Shortcodes

This code is privately owned by a specified client and has the capability to be connected to a database, enabling it to generate responses to requests or queries for specific information. With the capacity to accommodate up to 1000 keywords, it offers versatility for a variety of activities tailored to the client's requirements.

Various Uses Of The Short Code

Short codes find application in voting scenarios, enabling viewers to actively participate in their favorite programs through text voting.

Used to receive information from the public when they text in inquires into the database.

The service when integrated with bulk SMS can be used to send the public messages where polls and surveys can be conducted.

Short codes are effective for subscription services, allowing users to subscribe to content such as games and music.

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